Weekend recap


So our camping and canoeing trip this weekend didn’t start out so great…

As we loaded into the car on Friday afternoon, the sky opened up and gave us everything it had. We drove as far as McDonald’s in Lee Summit where the zero visibility and hydroplaning were enough to convince the crew that we should bail and head back to the Nelsons for some beer and cards and nice dry beds.

For the record, I was hoping that would be the outcome since early Friday after seeing this nice little blob on the radar:

But thankfully after Friday’s deluge was over the rest of the weekend was beautiful and we were able to follow through with Plan ‘C’ and head for a more local State Park. We were able to find the most awesome campsite, with only a few large mud puddles.

Thanks Kevin and Shelley for a good trip (and all that meat) and next time, next time we are going to make it canoeing.


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