The Busy Nelsons


How sad is it that I am just now getting around to posting this little blurb about last weekend and this weekend starts tomorrow for me? We’ve been so busy this week with car issues and the like, and I would tell you about it, but I guess I will write that next week. Anyways…

This last Friday, Mom came up to visit and Devan was thrilled to see his “Gah-ma.” I was thrilled when he requested her specifically for a diaper change. She was thrilled when Devan woke up Saturday and immediately asked for her. No one was thrilled when Devan fell down the starts and did two back-flips, landing on his head. I still feel sick to my stomach when I think about it, but he was fine.

We started off the day Friday by heading to the Overland Park Arboretum where Devan really enjoyed the children’s area. He was less excited than I would have thought when a turtle wandered in front of us. Ginormous dogs coming up to him doesn’t seem to phase him but a tiny little turtle? He wasn’t too sure what to make of it. (I will post more pictures in Picasa so those of you who are related to us can see them all.)

Saturday, we woke up at the crack of dawn and hauled out all sorts of stuff to the driveway for our first ever garage sale. We only advertised on Craigslist but our neighborhood was having a sale so we got some good traffic. We didn’t make a huge amount of money because most everything was $1 or less, but we did send about half our stuff on to a new home so I call that a success. It’s kind of sad that a couple our age has that much extra junk laying around to have a sale, especially after getting rid of so much last year before our move. It is also a reminder of how much things depreciate in value, when you sell a sweater for $1 or a formal dress for $8. It reinforces my commitment to buy as much second-hand as I possibly can, instead of new.

Then Sunday after a long walk in Devan’s new wagon, which he is in love with (and unfortunately did not come second-hand), we headed to Karen’s for a surprise birthday party to celebrate Patty’s 50th! Craig and I are cynical about such things and were guessing she would have had it figured out, but she didn’t have any idea, which was fun. I wish we had thought to get some pictures with her, but we always think of the camera at the last minute. We do however, have a picture of Devan entertaining the crowd by pretending to play a guitar. I tell you what, this kid sure loves to be the center of attention. Good thing he is the only grandchild!

So it was a great weekend, right up until 7:00 pm Sunday night, when all things mechanical that we owned imploded, all at the same time. The end.


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