For Dad, times three


Craig and I are soooo incredibly lucky to have such amazing families. Today, we get to be thankful for our Father’s. So thank you both, for raising us right and helping Craig and I to turn out so terrifically.

In all seriousness, our fathers are both so loving and involved, we have had such amazing role models for what parenting involves and how to be good parents. We know that our Dad’s are always there for us. Even at three in the morning every once in awhile ;). And even though they are close by, it often seems like we just don’t get to see them enough.

We love our Dads so much!!!

And though Devan can’t quite put it into words yet, he is crazy for his Daddy. If he could tell you himself, I’m pretty sure he would say he loves his Daddy more than anything else in the entire world. And his Daddy is a top notch father, I can tell you that.

We love you Craig!

Happy Fathers Day!!!


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