no, no, no.


For some reason I used to think the hard part of raising a child was over when he slept through the night. You can laugh at me now, if you want.

Devan’s new favorite word? ‘No.’

It was cute a few months ago when he said “mo” and said it quietly, almost under his breath while gently shaking his head.

‘NO!’ is not cute, not at all.

No! to the cat, who is lazily lounging, No! to the neighbors dog who sniffed our fence, No! to Elliot, who happened to sit too close to one of Devan’s toys. And a big loud NO! when I asked if he was having fun playing with carboard boxes.

Ask him if he wants a bath? No, huh-uh, uh-uh, no, no, no.

Do you want to eat dinner? No. Play with toys? No. Sit in the middle of the floor and throw a fit? No.

Craig and I aren’t big users of the word ‘No’, preferring to say “Now, we don’t do this… that isn’t okay..please stop…you aren’t allowed…” Well, I guess no matter how hard you try, there is no avoiding this stage of toddlerhood.

Thankfully, the hard part will really be over once we survive the terrible twos.


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