Not for the faint of heart


I am dead serious. Really, take me for my word here, if you are at all squeamish about cute little critters meeting a sad demise, you really do not want to finish reading this post. And you DEFINITELY do not want to look at the pictures below. And if you do, you can’t get mad at me, because I warned you.


Ok, so for the holiday we headed to Topeka to spend the weekend at my parents. And they have a nice, big yard filled with tons of wildlife. So I was pretty excited to hear that they had a nest of baby bunnies in the backyard. We headed out to see them and I am telling you that they were adorable, just tiny squirmy little things that almost looked like little mice.

They were right out in the center of the yard, but luckily had not been hit by a mower, or discovered by a cat. In fact, they looked like they are about the age that they would be leaving the nest to fend for themselves. And I am thinking it would have been a good thing if they had left the nest to fend for themselves. Because the thing is, when Momma rabbit chose the location for the nest she didn’t do much research on the neighborhood. And it turns out the neighborhood was definitely in the shady part of town with a very unsavory neighbor no more than 20 feet away.

(I think you can see where this is going, so again, this is where you want to stop reading if you love wild bunnies.)

Saturday afternoon I decide to grab my camera and head out to get another peek at the bunnies because they were just so stinking cute. And as I rounded the deck I saw some movement by the nest and my heart skipped a few beats. And then I was completely horrified and yet absolutely fascinated at the exact same time:

Mother nature in action. That big guy apparently lives in a drain pipe just 20 feet up the hill, maybe even closer. I watched him slither away after I caught him in the act, but we went ahead and placed his catch by the hole in hopes he would fill up on it and leave the others alone. I really do think they will be big enough to hop away any day now. At least I am hoping so, being a lover of wild bunnies. Sadly, we did another check this afternoon and there were just four bunnies left in the nest. I suppose that is still plenty to eat up Dad’s garden.

I just can’t get over the picture.


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