Its a good life


This feels like Sunday evening already- I guess that is a sign of a good weekend in progress.

Friday Devan and I met Tabetha and the kids at Deanna Rose Farmstead. We both forgot our cameras, but everyone had a good enough time that we were there for nearly 3 hours! I just love that place. Devan was just as excited by a Tootsie Pop as by the animals, and all the kids were enchanted by the pile of rocks by our bench and a small wading area. Sometimes it’s the little things in life.

Devan and I followed this up by both crashing for a 3.5 hour nap. He wouldn’t sleep on his own, but was willing to nap next to me. I wouldn’t want the little guy to be tired, so I went ahead and curled up with him. We didn’t wake up until Craig was walking in the door. It was awesome.

That evening we headed for the Legends where we shopped, enjoyed the fountains, ate a great dinner, and enjoyed the fountains some more. We didn’t head home until 9:30 and Devan did awesome. I was so proud of him yesterday, I have to say I was wrong earlier when I thought we were experiencing the terrible twos. He is just a pretty great kid overall, and the bumps in the road have been minor.

Yesterday evening I was hit with a mild insomnia attack and didn’t fall asleep until around 3:30 am. Lots of unproductive internet searching was accomplished.

Today we spent the day at Lenexa Waterfest where Patti Banks Associates had a booth. It was way more fun than I though it would be, and we will definitely be going next year. And then this afternoon Craig helped Eric and Julie move into their new apartment while I worked on some sewing projects that have been neglected lately.

So its been a good weekend so far, a little busy but I guess that is normal.


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