I’m in looooove…


With two ficticous characters.

1. Jason Bourne.

Craig and I have borrowed all three movies from his co-worker the past few weeks and I am hooked once again. These are probably my favorite action movies, and there is really only one reason for that (see above). Sigh. I’ve told Craig that since the next Bourne movie hasn’t even been filmed yet and isn’t set to release until 2011, that I am going to watch every other Matt Damon movie ever made to get my fix.
2. Captain Wentworth (from the BBC version of Persuasion).

I fell in love with the book character well enough on my own but once I caught this movie on PBS the deal was sealed. Goodbye Mr. Darcy, you don’t stand a chance next to this guy. He is seriously hot. Luckily for me, this actor is in a British tv series I have never seen so hello, Netflix!!
Anyone else have a star crush they care to share?

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  1. Jim for sure, and the two guys from Supernatural on the CW. You might remember one of the guys, going way back to early college. Days of Our Lives, played Eric? Ring a bell?

  2. Not only do we watch the Bourne movies anytime they are on TV, I think Alan has a man-crush on Jason Bourne.I wouldn't mind getting lost in the wilderness with Bear Grylls, and for some reason I think Ryan from Paranormal is HOT.

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