Bugging me.


Last week we were petting the bunnies and discovered they had fleas. Live fleas-yucky little black bugs running all over our poor little bunnies. Left in our house for 14 months from the previous owner’s three dogs. We are very limited in our treatment options as rabbits are so sensitive to sprays and chemicals, and Frontline can kill a bunny. They use rabbits to test all sorts of crap on, but no one can tell you for sure if a flea treatment is harmful to bunnies. Seriously, don’t get me started. Anyways, it’s gross.

So then Sunday night we get a call and a few kids from Devan’s daycare have head lice. Have you ever had head lice? I have. Twice. And once, once was in high school. I can tell you definitively that there are few things in life more embarrassing than having head lice in high school. And they are really obnoxiously hard to get rid of.

So, head lice and fleas. Not to mention ants, flies, and fruit flies. Is it any wonder I have spent the past three days itching like crazy? Convinced that every little tickle is the beginnings of a lice infestation? I spent all day yesterday going to the bathroom and inspecting my scalp, convinced that little bugs would come crawling right out. I went home last night and combed through all of our hair, convinced that every little piece of dandruff was a nit just waiting to hatch. At night we lie awake in bed, with a creepy crawly feeling that just won’t go away.

Just writing the post I have scratched my head at least five times.

I’m going crazy.

I want the bugs gone.


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  1. I told Joel that it is inevitable (sp?) that we WILL have to deal with lice at least once, if not more.Fleas. Ugh. We dealt with those growing up with our dog Squirt. I hate fleas.

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