Lots of randoms:

1. I combed 15 fleas off of Lizzie. We caught 9 fleas in our traps. We have coated the basement with a layer of diatemaceous earth, which should kill the rest of the buggers. I can’t stop blogging about fleas for some reason.

2. Our favorite resturant on this planet was just shut down for an investigation after 20+ people were sickened with food poisoning. We just ate there last week! (sorry to Ryan and Sarah!).

3. We went to a wedding in Manhattan this weekend and had a fabulous time. I miss FUMC and Manhattan more than I realized. They say you can never go back, but once in awhile you actually can.

4. Grandpa Pritz taught Devan his first insult this weekend, where Craig and I failed. In preparation for the trip we tried to instill in Devan the idea that Grandpa is “Old.” Old is one of Devan’s favorite concepts, and he loves to identify old objects. We thought Grandpa Pritz would be a sure bet. Not only did he not walk in the door and tell Grandpa he was old, he quickly took to my Dad’s suggestion that Craig and I are old. And Devan gets the joke because after he tells us we are oooooold, he bursts into peals of maniac-like laughter.

5. I am making Devan a Halloween costume and I really want to go back in time and give my younger self a spanking for refusing to try on clothing that Mom was making for me. Quilting is a cake walk compared to this stupid costume. The pattern is Simplicity, “Sewing for Dummies”. In that case, I must be a raging moron.


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