The helper


Yesterday evening we were playing in the basement when I saw Devan head for Elliot with a plastic fork in his hand. Elliot paused and let Devan sit down by him, and I decided to see if Devan was just going to pet him before I said anything. As Elliot sat patiently, Devan took the fork and ever so gently started combing through his fur, and then much to my amusement would stop every so often and pick something out of his coat and wipe it on the carpet. Yep, he was combing Elliot for fleas!! I about died laughing, but didn’t intervene. Elliot seemed happy enough to sit there and get petted (somewhat) and Devan worked diligently for quite awhile. Every once in awhile I would here a quiet “ewwwww, bug.” When he was finished, Devan leaned over and gave Elliot a hug, then a kiss, then a pat on the bottom with an “All done!”.

It was so stinkin’ cute, I wish I had the camera with me to take a video. Those two are absolutely best buddies and Elliot trusts Devan way more than he should. And in case you are wondering, I’m fairly certain all the bugs were imaginary. At least I hope so.


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