A Long Day, Part 2


Today has been a crappy Friday, if I do say so myself. I think I’ll just share Part 2 and save Part 1 for another day because I am tired and won’t make it to Part 2 at all if I don’t leave out some details. So, after a long day, Devan and I walk in the door around 3:30. He is pumped because I have promised him a small treat for behaving so well during our long day, and so he goes flying through the door, and then trips, and then falls HARD into the corner of our stairway molding- a very sharp, protruding corner that seemingly sunk inches into his scalp.

I was there in an instant to hold him but didn’t realize how serious it was until Craig said “Woah, he is really bleeding. And boy, was he right. It think it is what you would call a “gusher”. In a mere seconds the three of us are covered in blood. We quickly grab Devan and a washcloth to keep pressure on the gash and head for the car where I blatantly ignore the car seat rule and cuddle Devan on my lap as Craig (safely) drives us to the ER.

Thankfully, after the initial shock of his injury Devan was really calm once we were in the hospital. Subdued would be the word. Which is good, because in all of my experience I have never seen things move quickly in an ER. We bribed him with gummi bears, and graham crackers, and juice and they got ready to stitch him up and then, well, that part was awful. For us sure, but definitely for Devan. Four people held him down on his back as he got stitches. It took forever, literally, and my stomach was turning as I listened to him scream and cry out “All done! No!! Bye Bye! Mom!! Dad! Noooo!!” It was horrid.

When it was finally over our poor little guy was sweaty, and shaking, and his hair was soaked in blood. It’s enough to make any parent feel a little nauseated. Um, especially this parent. As we were leaving, I started to feel that all too familiar feeling- hot, dizzy, nauseated, oh crap- I’m going down. So here is Craig with our bloodied toddler and his wife is passing out in the waiting room in the midst of all the H1N1 people. And then the nurse is getting ME an ice pack and cold wash cloth. I can not begin to tell you how embarrassed I felt, once the icky feeling subsided. It might have had a teensy bit to do with a blood sugar crash as well, but there is nothing like a little gore to really seal the deal for me.

So anyways, we are all home now. Devan is doing okay, but understandably still upset and cranky. His wound started bleeding again this evening as Craig was trying to get him into his pj’s- apparently lying on his back is going to be traumatic for awhile. He is now passed out on the couch with Craig and has no intention of leaving our side. And that is okay with us tonight. It’s pretty hard to think of anything I love more than that little guy, and I don’t think there is much worse than watching your child suffer. So if a little cuddling tonight will help make it a teensy bit better for him, I’m all about it.


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  1. Poor bugger! Sophia fell and hit her eye on the corner of the coffee table. Thank goodness it's a blunt edge and she just had a bloody nose and a bruised eye. Joel was at a poker game 45 minutes away so I'm not sure what I would have done had it been more serious!I know I'd pass out too.

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