Devan speaks!!


The past few months have seen an explosion of words from Devan. Craig and I are becoming fluent in Devanese, though to the untrainted ear much might sound like pure gibberish. Each day though, there more words that sound closer and closer to the actual English version. The only downside is that we are noticing more tantrums if we don’t understand him, and he is definitely more adept at expressing his opinion.

Some of the cuter things we have noticed:

He loves to go to the doctor, and pronounces the word correctly. This has a lot to do with the elevator ride, and the “susser” he gets at the end. If I tell him we are going to the doctor he lights up and immediately says: “Doctor!! Up!! Susser!!!”, and heads for the door.

When he is upset with Craig, he calls him “Guy”: “NO, Guy!!” Craig reminds him his name is “Dad” and then he will immediately correct it. I think it is a riot, but Craig isn’t as amused. We have no clue where he picked this up.

He calls me Ma. He drops a lot of syllables from the ends of words, and I’m not sure I like this one very much. This morning he told me he loved me, “I wuv YOU Ma!!” and I decided I like it just fine.

I’ve been laying on the couch a lot lately, hugging a bucket. Devan has this all figured out: “Ma full of icky.” Yes, Devan, I am very full of icky. And I can’t wait till the icky is all gone so I can enjoy playing with my little guy again.


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  1. That's funny he calls Craig GUY. When Sophia is mad at Joel, she calls him Joel. When she loves him, she calls him Dada. I wonder where she gets yelling at Joel from?! 🙂

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