The Baby Flu


Why isn’t it called that instead of morning sickness? Morning sickness falsely implies you get up and puke, and then go about your day. I’ve not found that to be the case.

The thing is, I am so incredibly grateful and happy to be pregnant that I feel guilty even mentioning the baby flu. So this is less complaining than statement of fact. I’m recording the experience for posterity sake (not to mention as a gentle reminder to myself that I do not want to be doing this again!).

When I was pregnant with Devan I was also sick. It lasted from about 5 weeks until 16 weeks, and I lost a huge amount of weight during that time. I didn’t actually puke a ton but I was consistently nauseous without pause, so much so that I could not eat. This pregnancy has been different in that I am puking, a lot. After a particularly rough week I received a prescription for Zofran which I think might possibly be helping. The reason I am not totally sure is that I am too scared to go long without taking it because I do not want to experience anything worse than this. I suppose there is a possibility that it just isn’t working, but I like to think it is reducing the trips to the toilet. The side effects aren’t so wonderful, but that is true of most every medication I have taken. I can most assuredly count myself in the 2% of people who experience side effects for any given medication. I just seem to have a very sensitive system.

So what are the worst triggers? Cold air, for one. Every time I walk into cold air I start gagging and this has caused me to puke more than once. Everyone knows fresh air causes nausea, right? Smells are really getting to me. Our house reeks but I can’t track down the source. Craig is no help because he thinks it smells fine. The thought of food makes me sick, though not eating anything makes me sicker. Being tired makes it worse, drinking too much water makes it worse, and apparently writing about it makes it worse because I just had to go take a quick “break”.

I know, it’s gross and you probably don’t want to read about it. It’s just part of the process. There are lots of joys, and plenty of challenges.

My first ‘real’ appointment is tomorrow, even though I’ve been in about a million times the past few months for blood draws and ultrasounds. It’s on the early side to hear the heartbeat via doppler so I am not expecting much but it feels like the official kick-off for this journey. It is starting to really sink in, we’re going to have another baby!


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  1. The silver lining is that it only lasts 9 months!I have to say, I haven't once had morning sickness or baby flu with either pregnancy so I feel very lucky.Post partum issues? Yes. Morning sickness? No. I guess it kind of balances it out…

  2. I really have not been keeping up! Congratulations! I had no idea until I saw the posting on facebook yesterday. Sorry about the sickness – I really don't appreciate how much women have to suffer during pregnancy and labor! Hope you feel better soon.

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