Reality Check


So, December 21st. I think I can finally officially admit to myself that we are not going to be sending out Christmas Cards this year. And likely, not New Year’s cards either. It had been a tradition to design our own but the last few months of 2009 have been filled with lots of exhaustion, vomiting, and other equally fun pursuits that have soaked up all of our time and energy. We’ll just make next years extra awesome.

This weekend was less than awesome as I came down with a horrible cold which turned into a migraine. We had a million things planned and a million things to get done, and the only thing I accomplished was laying on the couch in a ball of misery while Craig did all the work. It’s becoming a trend around here. We did all manage to make a quick little trip over to Manhattan for a wedding- which I am so glad I was able to attend but in retrospect it was a really terrible idea to go. I am hoping that I feeling better for Christmas, the past few months have been a little bit rough on all of us.

On a fairly unrelated note, I was soaking away my stress this evening with a nice warm bath while Craig made dinner when Devan burst into the room to proudly show me the gigantic booger he had just harvested from his nose. I made a mental note to myself that relaxing baths are best taken after 8pm.


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