Blame the hungry catepillar


Devan has gotten really talkative the past few months. Really, really talkative.

So this morning I am sitting downstairs eating breakfast with him and talking when Devan announced..

“I toot!”

“Yes, you did.” I said “Can you say excuse me?”

“Biiiiiiiiiig Toot!”

“Yes.” I agreed.

“Biiiiiiiig FAT toot!”

Everything that is big around our house is also now big AND fat. Thanks to Eric Carlisle and the big FAT caterpillar. We have big FAT snow and big FAT bunny poops and big FAT messes. It is pretty cute, but here’s hoping that he never applies the label to people. I can just picture the scene at Target, and I don’t think I could talk us out of that one (like the OLD (cold??) lady in the sewing store).

Less charming is his tendency to come up to our bed where I am choosing to oversleep and announce “Get UP Ma!! Get UP!”

I think the more he talks, the more his ornery side is going to blossom.


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