A very long countdown


Like my new ticker? I’ve got a long way to go huh?

Technically, according to the doctor, we are due on the 21st of June. This date is completely wrong. The correct date is June 26th, and I’ve decided that is what I will be using in my head. Because I would not like to be 11 days overdue again. So the doctor may feel free to use her date, but I’m not buying it. Our earliest ultrasound came to the same conclusion I did, but they wouldn’t change the date. I’m guessing our big ultrasound will back me up again and maybe then they will bump the date back. And if not, that’s fine. Just something to keep in mind when we post our baby guessing game. I’m fairly curious to see where the guesses will fall this time around. July anyone? It could happen!! What about a 4th of July baby? That could happen too!

In case you are wondering, I am still having occasional bouts of nausea but it has definitely improved. I think the cold/sinus infection from hell that won’t go AWAY has something to do with the nausea hanging around. I’m actually still hanging out at home this morning waiting for the ickies to subside. One of my biggest fears, which thankfully has yet to be realized, is getting sick in the car on the way in to work. Yuck. Otherwise things are progressing normally so far as I know. I think there have been a few flutters here and there but it is still really hard to tell. I first distinctly felt Devan move at 16 weeks exactly so I was thinking it would be the same this time around but so far it isn’t the case. My tummy is poofy but nothing major, as much bloat as baby at this point. That is fine with me, I know I will be big for far too long as it is!! Is it June yet????


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  1. My sister had a severe sinus infection while pregnant which caused her to be nauseous. She also felt that her due date was 4 weeks off…Maybe, just maybe, the elements are on your side and you'll be 11 days early!

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