Gray Day


Today is one of those days that I am acutely aware that the world is full of sorrow. While our little family seems to be experiencing an abundance of blessings lately, I am mindful that so many others around us are experiencing unspeakable tragedies and challenges.

Days like these make me feel grossly inadequate to make anyone feel any better. And yet I know from experience that the very worst thing you can do is nothing at all, and so we do what we can.

But as I watch the news about Haiti, and read news of friends who have experienced enormous and incomprehensible loss, and think of all of our family members struggling with illness and cancer, I feel like what we can do is nowhere near enough.


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  1. Yeah, I feel horrible when I complain about things like having no food in the apartment or being annoyed by a toddler because when I do that, I take for granite what we have.I guess we just have to appreciate every day because we never know what will happen tomorrow.

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