Some new phrases from Devan


“I don’t WANT to!”
“I don’t like it!”
“Nooooo, not this one.”
“I don’t want it.”
“Nooooo, I want PINK cup.” (Green bowl, blue shirt, etc… basically the opposite that you have picked out.

All of those are said in a whiny, drawn-out toddler voice.

And we are taking him to Florida with us WHY?


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  1. We've been getting "I don't want that" in that WHINY voice too.He'll behave in Florida. I find Sophia behaves much better in different environments than in her own home.Hmmm…don't we all?

  2. Sounds like he may have picked up a couple of those from Esther… I am so sorry!!! Flordia will be so fun for him that he will probaby be saying all sorts of fun things:) Like "Big Fat Water" 🙂 You guys are going to have a lot of fun!!!Tabetha

  3. I will say that after you guys left Friday he pointed to her cereal and said "My friend no like that cerwal." I was impressed by the long scentence but yes, he then decided there were plenty of things he didn't like either.Also, it probably has a lot to do with the age. With him being in daycare, it was only a matter of time!

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