A little bit of everything


So tomorrow is the big day! I am both excited and anxious, though a little less anxious now that we had an ultrasound at 17 weeks and know that things looked good. According to the doctor and actually, according to the 17 week ultrasound at the ER I am now 20 weeks and 3 days. So, halfway there. I guess I may have to update my ticker if tomorrow’s dates line up as well. I suppose I have learned there are worse things in life than going a little overdue. So, last chance to get in your guess, I’ve noticed that July dates are all still open! You all are too kind.

This past week has been a little exhausting and the timing of our vacation could not be better. It was a hard week, but a good week too. I know I say it ALL THE TIME, but we have been blessed by our wonderful families. They mean the world to us and spending time with them is a comfort. I think Devan provided some comfort to everyone as well. I don’t think I exaggerate a bit when I say that kid was the best behaved toddler in the entire world last weekend. Despite a change of routine and scenery, an endless parade of strangers, a lack of any naps or good sleep AND the start of a nasty cold, he didn’t have a single meltdown. He was sweet, and funny, and loving, and entertaining and I am so glad he is my son. And I am glad he will grow up with a loving extended family and amazing grandparents, just like I did. And I hope it will be many, many, many, many years before he has to say goodbye to any of them.


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