The last time we were in Wichita, Craig and I brought back a bock stacked full of classical music vinyl records from my grandparents house. We had purchased a LP player and MP3 burner a few months ago which allows us to record all of the music onto our computer. It’s a tedious process, but an incredibly enjoyable one. Every time we put on another recording of Haydn or Vivaldi, it makes me remember my grandparents and feel close to them. There was always classical music playing at their house when I was younger, and often at our own home as well. However, it has been years and years since I have listened to classical and I was surprised by how much I have missed hearing it. We are only about 1/5 of the way through what we brought back, and that is a small drop in the bucket of records that will still need recorded.. but I know it is a project we will eventually tackle. It’s a way to be close and remember my grandparents and all the ways they touched my young life.


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