Little Me


One of my coworkers is having a baby in April and her baby shower is coming up. We were all asked to dig up a baby pictures for one of those dorky games that you always have to play at such things and so I asked Mom to find a picture of me as a baby and this is one of the pictures she sent:

What do you think? See a resemblance? I personally think there is now no question that Devan is my child. We will now have to scan a baby picture of Craig and see if he just might be Devan’s daddy.


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  1. I'm sure Craig was an adorable 2 year old also, but gotta say it would be hard to look more like Devan than your photo. And by the way you have some super vacation photos! mommamarj PS I do intend to learn how to email photos:)

  2. How cute!!! It would be interesting to see Craig's baby picture too. Definitely a resemblance!! It will be even more fun to see if the baby girl looks even more like you!!

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