Recent Quilts


I haven’t shared my quilts in awhile, but I have been sewing up a storm. I wanted to make sure my last few project were safely in the arms of the recipients before I shared a peak, and then I just forgot. I tend to post to Flickr quicker, and I am trying to figure out a good way to link to that set of pictures from the blog. I’ve slowly been making other blog changes, hopefully a new spring background will be up soon!

Anyways, quilts.

The first is for Ryan and Sarah’s sweet new boy, Weston. This is a modified log cabin pattern- which basically means grab some fabrics and go at it. Very little measuring or math involved which is well suited for me. My favorite part of quilt-making is choosing fabrics and deciding on a pattern. My least favorite part is the math. Because of this, most my favorite tool is a seam-ripper. I was pleased with this quilt when I finished it, the mistakes are well-hidden and I loved the cute little elephants.

The next quilt is for another sweet little boy, Stephanie and Joel’s newest family member, Frederick. I was especially proud of the fact that I finished this quilt BEFORE the baby arrived. I would say that the new parents have rather sophisticated tastes, so I tried to pick some colors and fabrics that would appeal to them and grow with baby. The pattern is simple, and based off of the quilt I made Eric with a few modifications. I decided to try out a minimal quilting method to make sure it was soft, and I’m not sure I am a fan. It probably would have worked better had I pre-washed and dried all the fabrics but since I didn’t, it came out of the wash a little wonky. Oh well, I don’t think baby Freddie will notice!

The last quilt is a tiny little project for Freddie’s big sister. It was SO FUN to sew for a girl after making 5 boy quilts. I have a huge stack of girly fabric that I have been itching to dive into but everyone has had boys so far! Not that there is anything wrong with boys, I love the challenge of a good boy quilt. But I could resist whipping up a little girl doll quilt. Yes, I do think I am going to enjoy have a little girl. I may even start to like pink.

So that is what I have been up to lately. I’ve also made Devan some oven mitts, started two new gift quilts, and signed up to do a quilt challenge through our local modern quilt guild. Why did I do this? Because I have way too much free time of course! I’m actually thinking I need to cram all the sewing time in I can before June, because after that I can’t imagine I will be touching the machine again for months.


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  1. WE LOVE OUR QUILTS!And, just so you know, Sophia is sitting here with me on her bed reading blogs and she pointed to "her" quilt on the screen and said, "Mine!".You're very talented and we love our wonderful gifts and I wouldn't have even known Freddie's quilt was wonky!

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