It was going to happen one day or another, I know that. In fact, it was probably past due. 13 warnings in my lifetime, all of them very much deserved. Speeding, running a red light, driving without headlights… guilty, guilty guilty. All warnings.

Today, at 8:17am, my luck ran out.

And I will swear before you, my readers, that I do not deserve the $120 ticket I just recieved for not coming to a complete stop. 10 feet in front of a police car. I will tell you, and probably the judge at my court date later in March, that I saw the police car, pulled beside him to what certainly felt like a complete stop to me, and checked both ways before continuing on my way. Now, I didn’t hang around at the intersection for any longer than is necessary, but my vehicle ceased to be moving, even for a small fraction of time. Because I am not such an idiot that I would roll through an intersection right in front of a police car. Can you tell I am pissed? I am very pissed. I was pissed the whole way in to work. I am still pissed. Pissed enough that I am writing the word pissed in a blog post even though my mother reads this.

Perhaps I should just pay the dang ticket in repentance for all of the traffic infractions I am actually guilty of. Perhaps I shouldn’t take off work to go drive down to court and make my argument, only to have to pay $120 fine anyways because who is really ever sucessful in arguing their case? But the indignity of the whole thing has my feathers rather ruffled. Jerk. Seriously.

Thanks for letting me vent.

Update: $400 to make this go away. That, or 3 years of increased insurance payments. Word to the wise- when you come to see us, stop for at least 3 seconds at stop signs. Though you may not have learned that in driver’s ed., it is apparently the house rules for the city of OVP. Or so says the traffic attorney who is booked through mid-April with similar cases. Do I sound bitter? I am. Okay, back to work.


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  1. I'm sorry! That really stinks. You communicated your frustration very well in that post… I feel frustrated for you, all the way up in WA. Hope you're able to get out of paying!

  2. oKay I can see how frustrated you would be!! I would be pissed!! But 13 warnings!!!!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me!!?? Have you ever had another ticket?

  3. 13 is correct. Mostly for speeding, anywhere from 5-15 over. Then a couple random bloopers- no headlights, running a red light, lane change without signaling, and my favorite from the KSU campus police- wrong way down the one way street by the Union, at 3 am. All warnings. I know my time has come, but $400? Blech.

  4. 1 out of 13 is a very good record. Did you know that 3 seconds is how long an offensive player can be in the box in basketball. May be the policeman is a basketball ref. and 3 seconds seems like an eternity for a defensive player but a fraction of a second for the offensive player. (Just a thought) I'm sure your son's intelligence and good looks is DNA related. The question is "Does your good looks and intelligence come from the maternal or paternal side?"

  5. I gotta vote with your friend Kristy. You do have a wonderful vocabulary so it does seem you could find a better word to use in print, but then you could accuse me of 'the pot calling the kettle black', so guess I'll refrain from further remarks, except that it might be good that you got your ticket this time instead of for 15 mph over the limit!

  6. Well, I could use another word but it might not feel as good.And I personally would much rather pay an expensive speeding ticket from when I was actually speeding than this dumb thing. Craig would likely disagree strongly, especially once our insurance rates sky-rocketed.

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