Bumpy Start


It’s been a rather rough start to the year for us this far. If you don’t consider our wonderful week away on vacation, it has been the worst two months we have had in a long time. Well, since this time last year. Last year I had major dental work that needed done, problems with my eyes and was struggling with chronic health issues that were really flared up at that point. And not to mention the job uncertainty and stress that came with being a hourly, contract employee that could be let go at any time in a very weak economy. Last year Devan had a string of ear infections and illnesses so bad that we spent more time home with a sick and cranky kid or at the doctors than at work. And, last year we lost a baby and my tube in a horrible ordeal and I was told we had less than a 40% chance of being able to have another without using IVF. It was heart-breaking.

It was a challenging time, but things turned around and we had a really great 2009. Some of the issues were resolved and others weren’t but the biggies were I now have that job security and bigger still- I am 24 weeks pregnant with a precious little baby. So, we got through it all and things improved and we thoroughly enjoyed the remainder of the year.

So now we are back in the beginning of the year rut- one too many hard goodbye’s, a pregnancy that has been nothing less than physically grueling, and a string of little incidents that sometimes feels like life is just kicking us in the butt. But you know? It happens to everyone. We all have our challenges, and while I can’t help but to be a little down right now I can tell myself that this certainly won’t last. We have more than usual to look forward to this year and by the time June rolls around, the challenges of this pregnancy will look like fairly small potatoes. And hopefully all the little stuff will be a distant, foggy memory.

And so as my mom reminded me a few nights ago, I can at least keep my perspective on everything even if at the moment it doesn’t make it easier to deal with the challenges. I’m still going to have the hardships we all have, but at least I know it isn’t going to last forever and soon enough life will be sweeter than we ever thought possible. It is almost Spring, after all.


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  1. We're still waiting for the sun to come out too (literally and figuratively). Eric and I love you guys. We would love to watch Devan for you sometime so you can Craig can spend some quality time together (shopping for some girl clothes!). Just let us know!

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