Meat and Spinach


A few weeks ago I got up to take a shower, turned on the water and a few minutes later collapsed. Thankfully Craig was around and helped me out until the world stopped spinning. The nausea is gone, but the fainting is back. Dizzy, hot, nauseous, pounding heart and short of breath and then it all goes fuzzy. Not so much fun.

So, I had a little extra trip to the doctor this week to have a couple simple tests done and it turns out it just boils down to one simple problem- I’m low. Low blood sugar, low blood pressure, and very low blood iron. Pregnant women tend to be low in iron, so I guess it didn’t help me out that I was anemic before this pregnancy and that I threw up my vitamins for 20 weeks. Sigh.

The good news is that I can improve my blood pressure by staying extremely well hydrated and by improving my iron. And I can improve my iron by supplements and eating lots of meat. And eating lots will improve my blood sugar.

Until then, I think I am going to have to stay away from hot showers. And now I am off to chug some water and roast a cow.


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  1. Staying hydrated is VERY important. They remind me of that often. And for the extra iron… better take some extra probiotics!! Good Luck 🙂

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