Happiness for Sale


Sometimes, happiness can be found in a store.

I have been lusting after a Le Creuset French Oven since I first starting getting serious about cooking. My amazon wishlist has had a french oven, soup pot, and cast iron pan on the list for years. For those who aren’t into such things, Le Creuset is the creme de la creme of cookware. It is made to last a lifetime, and is priced accordingly. I’ve researched prices for years and have stalked the stores sale flyers and ebay, hoping to come across a deal that would bring the cookware into my price range. The 7 quart french oven that I wanted is normally over $300. This is why I have lusted after it only and it has sat quietly on the wishlist as a distant dream.

Well, fortune shone done on me yesterday. We were headed home from Topeka and thought we would pop into the Legends quickly to make a few returns and check out the Carter’s outlet for some cute baby clothes. I didn’t find anything for baby, but thought I would poke my head into the Le Creuset outlet store and drool a little bit. And man, I am so glad I did.

Everything in the store was 50% the OUTLET price!! Everything! This is unheard of for Le Creuset, and I should know as I check their store news monthly.

So, I took advantage.

We are now proud owners of a 9 quart french over, an 11″ cast iron non-stick skillet, a tea pot, an 8 quart stockpot, and a mortar and pestle, ALL for less than the original price of the 7 quart french oven. AND all in my favored color, Dune!! I was, and am, on cloud 9. If Craig would allow it, I would drive back over and pick up the soup pot too but that would just almost be too much awesomeness to handle. I can’t get over this deal as it is. I think I am going to leave it all sitting out on the counter for a few weeks so I can admire it. I already have plans to break in the dutch over with some corned beef and potatoes. While I usually don’t believe this to be true, every so often money really can buy a nice chunk of happiness.

MMMMM, let the cooking begin!


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  1. I got a dutch oven for Christmas but holy cow! Look at that! Good find!My mom lives 2 miles from the Williams-Sonoma outlet and she got a Professional Kitchenaide Mixer for $199. I was drunk on happiness for her that day!

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