25 Weeks


And I am exhausted. I’m not sure what the means for the remaining 15 weeks. But wow, 15 weeks. That is going to go by incredibly fast, especially since we haven’t even started on the nursery yet. I haven’t even ordered fabric. Time to get a move on…

Otherwise things are fine enough. I talked my way into an extra sneak peek ultrasound Friday, confirming that baby is definitely a girl. For sure. I am going to love having a girl, just as much as I love our little Devan. And Devan is pumped about having a baby sister! He likes to lift up my shirt and show others my tummy, usually with very little warning.

People comment about the tummy now. Yes, it is bigger, that’s kinda the way this whole baby-growing operation works. It certainly isn’t going to get any smaller for awhile. I do like this stage, when I look pregnant without looking PREGNANT. Because once you really look PREGNANT you are feel pretty darn PREGNANT, and that is a stage I am not looking forward to.

And yes, we have a short list of names with a likely top contender.

And no, we’re not telling you.


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  1. Since we're 99.9% sure we're finished with kids, you can take our girl's name. I wanted Marla Jane.I love having a girl. You'll have fun. Toes to be painted. Hair to be brushed. And the clothes! Oh my goodness the clothes!

  2. oh!! You are adorable. I bet you'll love having a girl. We have our names figured out to..but aren't sharing either..but I am curious what you picked 🙂

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