No "Posh" Here


I do love to shop. My favorite thing is to find really good stuff for a bargain, like last week. I seldom ever buy really good stuff for full price, even if that is what it is worth. There are also just certain limits to what I will spend, such as on Devan’s room. I wanted it to be cool but we found a lot of the items used, on deep clearance, or just cheap. Except for the dresser, but I think that was worth a little extra to buy something that will be around in 30 years. I was motivated by the fact that all of the furniture in the nursery (minus the crib) was furniture I picked out when I was a little girl. Now it’s time to do little girl’s room, and I have my eye out for some good bargains.

So, the other day I received a catalog called “Posh Tots” and started flipping through it. And my jaw dropped.

Guys, this is a BED. A bed for your PRINCESS. Doesn’t every girl need a a carriage? And in case you can’t read the price at the bottom, it starts at only $47,000. I can’t even comprehend this. Even if I could buy this, I wouldn’t. This would appeal to a girl for a maximum of 5 years, though I am sure one would grow tired of it quicker than that.

I should scan more pictures to share with you- the pirate bed, the $9000 dresser that looks like a carrot (Hey! I could have used that in the bunny nursery), the chandeliers and life size plush kangaroo. I suppose if you want to gawk yourself you could google their website.

I guess there are just people who live in a whole different stratosphere than the rest of us mortals.

And this really makes me wonder what I earth I ordered to get on this mailing list.


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