Steaks! Cookware! Aprons! Celtic Thunder!


Last night I broke in the last un-used piece of Le Creuset and used my french oven to make a corned beef boiled dinner. It was delicious, and I love each and every piece of cookware and it cleans up like a dream and now I am done talking about it, because I am sure you are all done hearing about it. Except, how ’bout these steaks?

I’ll give it a rest now, I promise.

So we were eating our Irish dinner and not watching the Big 12 Championship because as it turns out, it is only on ESPN. Just as well I suppose, given the outcome, and had we been watching the game we would have missed out on Celtic Thunder. Which involved 5 men in skirts singing Irish music with horribly cheesy choreography and an audience with an average age of 65, all on public television with a pledge drive interruption every 7 minutes. Devan loved it.

Today I took a break from the quilting to make Devan, who is our little chef, a proper apron. I’m fairly proud of it if I do say so, it came out sooooooooo much better than his Halloween Costume. Straight seams, nothing funny going on. It’s even reversible! His new oven mitts match the back side, but I like the stripes better.

Cookies anyone?


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