Quilt number NINE!


Sunday I was supposed to be in St. Louis at a baby shower for Kristy. I am so thrilled that she has made it this far! 33 weeks and baby is still staying put, and she is back at home now. Yay!

I would have loved to be at the shower but made the decision that due to the fainting and whooziness that has been going on the past few weeks, the drive just wasn’t the best idea. So I sent her a baby quilt in my place!

This quilt is #9, which is hard to believe. I think this is no longer a passing fad, but a life-long hobby. Maybe I should even get a fancy quilting machine, hmmm Craig?

Anyways, I made this one gender-neutral and tried out a new loopy quilting method.

I like the way it turned out, but it’s killer on the forearms the swirl the quilt around like that on the machine. The fabric, Arcadia, is probably my most favorite yet and had we had a little boy I think I would have used the scraps for another quilt. I personally think the quilt is a lot prettier than it looks in my pictures, but I think that about all of them.

I now have a quilt to finish for the quilt guild challenge, and then one for a friend who is painting us a rain barrel, and then I will be able to start on a quilt for baby girl. Plus lots of sewing for the nursery!

Okay, I should get to work now. I am a little hung over on tiredness from last nights Bon Jovi Concert. (Thanks to Craig’s boss for free tickets and Eric and Julie for free babysitting. It was a $15 concert date, Wahoooo!!!)


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