Recessions Suck


Last week three of my former coworkers and good friends at the first company I worked at lost their jobs. Last night, I learned there were layoffs at our office yesterday afternoon while I was gone on a site visit. This is all following the complete decimation of a Landscape Architecture group at another large firm just a few months ago. And that following a few years of job cuts that has affected so many of my former classmates and friends.

This is not a good time to be a Landscape Architect.

My heart is so heavy for my friends and coworkers, as I know from experience what a gut blow it is to be laid off. And I am really not looking forward to going in to work today to a smaller group.

There is an obnoxious billboard off of I-35 on my drive in to work and it says something like this: “The fact about recessions is… they end.”

They may end, but certainly not soon enough.


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  1. But sometimes life can turn out better when you lose a job! It is a VERY tough time for landscape architects right now. Hmmm…maybe that's why I'm working at The Gap now.Sorry that it's going to be uncomfortable at work.

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