27 Weeks


At the end of this week, I will hit the third trimester. I wish I could say it has all flown by so far, but it really hasn’t. I just don’t do this whole pregnancy thing well. After an awesome Friday, I spent the rest of the weekend in my pj’s- more barfing, dizziness, stomach discomfort, etc., etc. I’m not sure I am ready to have two children yet, but I’m certainly ready to be done being pregnant.

Last time around I had incredibly hip pain that was probably the single most uncomfortable thing about being pregnant. I’m trying to be good about doing my prenatal yoga to head off the worst of it but it is certainly coming back. For now, I am sleeping on a folded up egg-crate pad but I still have to do the ‘flip’ every 45 minutes all night long to give relief to my aching hips. My other ideas to help are buying a recliner to sleep in, or maybe rigging up some sort of system to still manage to sleep on my stomach, the way God intended. Or I just whine and complain and survive it because nothing lasts forever, even pregnancy.

13 more weeks, and I pray not a day longer.


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  1. My hips and groin were on fire this last pregnancy…But oh how quickly it goes away when you're able to move around in bed again!You can do it! 13 weeks! You'll be done with pregnancy and we'll be in a house!

  2. I had the same problem in the hospital. My hips ached so bad I couldn't sleep, even with drugs! My doctor showed my a couple stretches to do against the wall and in bed before you go to sleep. Give me a call and I'll explain. They really helped me.

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