29 Weeks


Wow, what a flattering picture. At any rate, I’m getting bigger.

Just like last time, I am starting to feel better now at the end than I have the past 6 months. That probably won’t be true in another few months.

I should have had my glucose screening last Friday but I figured that consuming a giant Costco frozen yogurt two hours before the test would have caused me to fail it soundly. Especially since I failed it soundly last time after eating Oatmeal. So, I get to try again on that one in two weeks. I’ve already informed my doctor I will be declining the three hour test regardless of the results of this one so I suppose it is just a formality. I plan on cutting the sugar out if I do fail the one hour, so I have been gorging myself on Easter candy in the meantime. So much for my healthy pregnancy eating plan!

Things are starting to go by more quickly, and I think it has a lot to do with the gorgeous weather and our busy schedule. I hope it continues that way, but I very well could be back here in two weeks telling you the days are dragging by. Pregnancy is like that- too long, and too short all at the same time.


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