Tis the season


This spring I promised Craig, no I SWORE to him that we were not buying any new plants. Not a single outdoor project this year. I swore that we would spend our home improvement dollars on replacing the hideous, horrific, cheap and tacky gold lighting standards throughout the house. I said I knew we didn’t have time (or energy) to be taking on garden projects. That I wasn’t even going to bother digging the pots out of the garage. That I was going to focus on the baby. That I would be happy re-doing the nursery and wouldn’t even miss the outdoor stuff.

But, but, but….now it is spring. It is nice outside. Garden bloggers are showing off their projects. Catalogs are arriving daily filled to the brim with beautiful perennials and summer bulbs.

And I need some new plants.

Nothing crazy, just a few things. Just five Cimicifuga, and probably five white Dicentra, and a few lady ferns and maybe some Knifophia for the front yard. And some white Astilbe since all I have is pink, and probably just a few Baptisia because you understand, I don’t have any. And it would seem wrong not to go to the Arboretum’s plant sale this spring because it is supporting a good cause. The deck would look naked without pots, I can’t imagine that I could live with that. And if we don’t add any plants this year, they can’t start growing. Which means even longer that we have to look at the chain link and mud pit mess in the back yard. And wouldn’t it be so much nicer to look at flowers?

Yes, I think it would.


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  1. I agree 🙂 Sorry Craig :)Our Arboretum's plant sale is May 8th…. Hoping by then I will be able to bundle up the little one and hit the sales!!

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