Sweet Dreams


Guess who is the owner of a brand new (used) recliner? Yes, it’s me!!! Sleep, glorious sleep. Though it will have to wait another day because the recliner is in the living room, and there are no curtains in the living room due to the fact that there is no curtain rod, due to the fact that we haven’t finished painting just quite yet. But soon, very soon, I am going to sleep though the night. A recliner and Unisom, what more could I need?

(Disclaimer: I am excited about the recliner for comfort purposes only, not looks. I still don’t like them any more than I like minivans. And that is not to say there is anything wrong with recliners or minivans because the majority of people I know own one or the other, or both.. they just aren’t my style. And I realize most people really like both things, but I am kind of weird and have lots of random dislikes that I couldn’t really explain to you. And I’ve always disliked the way recliners look though it is the first place I head when I am at a house equipped with a recliner. Mom and Dad have (in my opinion) a very unsightly green leather recliner (payback for Mom insulting my curtains) but that doesn’t keep me from parking myself in it for large chunks of time every time we visit. Yes, sometimes comfort wins out over style (like flats win out over 3″ heels) and this is doubly true during pregnancy. Though I suppose this particular recliner is as non-offensive to my tastes as a recliner could possibly be, so there is a good chance I will grow to like it and let it stay in our living room. Not that you really care about any of this. I’m not even sure why I am still on the computer instead of helping Craig paint so we can put up the curtains so I can sleep in my new recliner. I’ll let you know how it goes.)


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  1. Congrats! Jeremiah would be SO jealous. He really wants a recliner but I have the same opinions about recliners. I am still waiting to find the perfect one. But I am thinking he really deserves one… maybe for Father's Day.

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