This post is actually about poop, so you’ve been warned.

I’m proud to say we’ve hit about a 95% success rate with Devan’s potty training for #2. For the first 3 months, he had no interest whatsoever in using the potty for pooping, and would in fact announce to us when he was getting ready to fill his diaper. Gross. But we kept at it with the bribes and it has just connected lately. I don’t know if it is bad parenting, but Devan is eating a lot of candy and we are changing waaaaaay fewer nasty diapers. Works for me!! He is willing to pee in the potty too, and does it quite frequently but sometimes he is just not in the mood to be interrupted and would rather go in his diaper than stop playing. We are still using pull-ups, so once we have #2 firmly under control we will try out the Elmo underwear. Right now he has Diego pull-ups and apparently he is familiar with Diego from daycare as he told us the characters and let us know he doesn’t want to get them wet.

I’m pretty proud of him, I’ve heard boys are a nightmare to potty train so we have been taking it slow and trying not to pressure him. Little by little, we are getting there. Is it too much to hope for to have him out of day time diapers by June? That would be awesome. I’ve unpacked and organized all the cloth diapers for baby girl so perhaps we can forgo disposables completely for a the next year! No doubt, the whole potty thing has got to be my least favorite past of parenting. Unfortunately, raising kids seems to involve a lot of bodily fluid incidents.

So there you go, the potty training run-down. Something I’m sure you are all so excited to read.


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