The flip side


Bad: There is a 1″ layer of pollen on every flat surface in Kansas City. My throat is burning and my head is going to explode.
Good: It’s spring, and it’s beautiful outside. There are flowers blooming everywhere you look, and trees are finally GREEN.

Bad: Passing out in the lobby at work and having my boss find me and sit with me for 45 minutes, as she was on her way to the hospital where he daughter was giving birth.
Good: Baby is healthy and safe in my tummy, even if Mom does feel like total sh*t. (I’m very sorry, but that is the only possible word that I can use.)

Bad: Exhausting and physically uncomfortable days at work.
Good: Having an awesome job that I love, especially in this economy, one where my coworkers are collaborative and supportive, and not to mention very understanding!

Bad, no Horrible: Devan’s daycare is closing in less than two weeks.
Good: Hmmmm….I’ve got nothing for this one. Except maybe the fact that things have always, always worked out in the past. I am so sad to lose this wonderful place, but I know there are other wonderful places out there and we will find one. In less than two weeks.

Good: I love my friends.
Good: I love my family.
Good: Getting a stack of fun packages when you get home.
Good: New magazines.
Good: Watching Lost (totally addicted, thanks Craig.)
Good: Quilting Guild this week!
Good: Washing and putting away cute little baby clothes and diapers.
Good: Friends are welcoming new babies left and right.
Good: A date with Craig this coming Saturday!

Okay, the good wins out.


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