Upon review, this weekend was unusually productive. Which is surprising given the fact that I spent from 3am Saturday morning until the next day feeling incredibly sick. I stayed in pjs the entire day and barely drug myself out of bed. I figured I would be out for at least two more days and then, I woke up Sunday morning feeling fantastic. Pregnancy is so weird.

I wish I could show you all everything I accomplished for the baby’s room, but not quite yet. I made wall hangings for the nursery, a lampshade, started the baby quilt, started baby pillows, and unpacked, cleaned and sorted all of the baby gear. I also visited a friend, had a lunch date with Devan, went to church and arrived somewhat on time, made a few delicious meals, watched 2 movies, and even worked outside a bit. Craig and Devan would have an even more impressive list as they had 24 more hours to fill with fun than I did. Craig managed to bring home a new glider and ottoman in the 2-door Sunfire, that is impressive enough to be worth mentioning. A $500 glider found on Craigslist for $100. I love Craigslist.

Also, 32 weeks. Feeling very PREGNANT.

Also, Kristy had her baby!!! I am so happy for them. One more baby, then it is our “turn”.

Also, I have 8-10 weeks left of being PREGNANT. Have I mentioned that? Trying not to complian too much yet. Ugh.


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  1. But remember, since this may be the last time in your whole life that you are pregnant, you have to enjoy the last few fleeting weeks. (easier said since I'm not the PG person) mommamarj

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