Nursery Sneak Peek


Just a teeny tiny little peek….

I am working on pillows, a quilt, and a framed monogram for the wall. I love the room so far, it is bright and fresh and girly without one single drop of pink. Lots of creamy yellow and sage and baby blue and lots of flowers. And one little bunny, of course.

(Did you catch that? A monogram? Yes, baby girl definitely has a first name.


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  1. Stephanie, thank you for the nice comment!!! As a fellow blogger, I'm sure you have shared a similar frustration when people will freely comment on my stupid traffic ticket but then something I am actually really excited about and no one has anything to say.Eh, it's probably pregnancy hormones. You have very good taste, so I will feel better about it.

  2. No, I didn't show that yet as it is still a work in progress. I guess all I really showed you guys was a lamp and here I am expecting everyone to be as pumped as I am. Kind of ridiculous when I think about it.I'll post more revealing pictures soon, but then everyone better be stoked! (even if you don't like it…)

  3. I'll try again, first time didn't post. I may have to come peek at it all before you do another post! Can't wait for baby to arrive and find out her name too. Also, I really enjoyed your post about the playground-I shared it with friends at work and they want to see pictures when it's done. mommamarj

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