Totally wiped out this morning, which is to be expected after the awesome weekend we had. And I would tell you all about it now except my brain is mush so I will just start with Friday.

Friday, Devan and I bought lots and lots of plants.

And that would about sum it up, but then my friend Lisa stopped by and we finally did our exchange that has been in the works since last summer. I read somewhere about the idea of a craft swap and I loved it- a way to fill your home with personalized items that remind you of your friends and loved ones. I’ve talked two people into this so far, and have swapped Erica a quilt for a painting and Lisa a quilt for a painted rain barrel. Since I love making quilts, it’s been a fun thing. I want to keep doing it, but I think I am going to have to scale it back and swap a potholder for a coaster or something, because I just get this sense that I am not going to have time to make quilts for awhile once little girl gets here. Call me crazy.

So, here we are with our swapped items.

We have to figure out how to hook the barrel up so it will actually work, and it is too bad we haven’t yet because I hear we are going to get a nice storm this evening. Truthfully, we don’t actually even need to hook it up to a gutter, we could just set it under one of the eaves which dump over loads of water every time it rains. About four more barrels and we would be set.

While I’m at it, here are a few more pictures of the quilt. I used “Freshcut” by Heather Bailey and a few solids thrown in there for good measure. We found this one impossible to photograph for some reason, we probably took more than 50 pictures with our snazzy new camera and not a single one turned out. I think the white sashing in the sun kept throwing off the meter and I do not have the talent to figure out how to compensate for that. Should have used the old point and shoot inside!

Next up is the quilt for baby girl, which I am fairly certain will not be done in time for her arrival, just like the rest of the nursery. Great ambitions and plans have met reality- which is the couch.


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