Saturday was a day I have been looking forward to and dreading all at the same time. We hosted a small gathering for 29 people including a ton of kids, which is the part I was looking forward to. We also had to clean up our house, the part I was dreading. I have a theory that most normal people only give their house a good deep cleaning when they are having company, and that is certainly true for us. Well, that and when you are nesting.

So we spent the day dusting things that haven’t been dusted in months, and cleaning toilets, and scrubbing trash can lids because you really can’t host a party with a dirty trash can. I lamented to Craig numerous times that our ugly gold chandeliers were still gracing the ceiling and that we definitely have to get rid of them before the baby comes. I just can’t fathom bringing a baby home to a house with those tacky lights.

I also get a little socially anxious about hosting events- whether it be for 2 people or 30, and spend the day asking myself why I am doing this. But thankfully, that anxiety always melts away the second the doorbell rings and I have never failed to have a great time. I think it is safe to say everyone else had a great time too. Craig had the brilliant idea of setting up the roller coaster on our little hill so that the kids would seriously rocket off of the end of that thing and go flying across our yard (and into the fence). It looked like so much fun, I KNOW the adults were jealous. The only casuality of the evening came when Devan decided to “help” slow someone down by planting himself right in the path of the coaster and totally got mowed down. Craig said that once Devan stopped crying he announced “That was close.”

Devan had a blast playing with the older kids, especially since he stayed up until 10:00 fueled by chocolate cupcakes and lemonade. (Thankfully, he also slept in until 8:00, which is totally unheard of in our house.)

I really miss seeing this group of people on a regular basis, just like I miss seeing all of my studio friends, and my high school friends. I consider myself lucky that all of our major life changes have left us in the same geographical location so that reunions are possible. Because what would life be without good friends and family?

Check out all of those cute kids!!


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  1. We're flying out of KC at the end of July…we may have to set up a lunch or dinner or something. I'll look to see our flight times.Flying with 2 kids means a pack-n-play, an infant carrier, stroller, car seat…Ugh.

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