36 Weeks


Four to five weeks left to go!

I’ve decided I will not wait any longer than the June 28th to be induced. Birthing an 8.5 pound baby was not a pleasant experience for a small-boned gal such as myself and I am hoping that agreeing to an earlier induction will produce a smaller newborn. You probably think that it is silly to talk of induction at this point but I need to keep reminding myself that may be exactly how this baby arrives. It took me months to process my disappointment over the way Devan’s birth happened, so I am doing my best not to get my hopes up this time around. In fact, I’ve given the subject very little thought overall with the understanding that it is going to be completely out of my hands. Unless we hit the 28th of June, then I am taking action.

So here is what we have been up to lately:

I have not packed any hospital bags.

I have not finished the nursery, though my good friend Erica helped me attempt to put up the decal over the crib. Two hours in and I was thinking I may just leave the rest of the transfer paper hanging on the wall. I’m still thinking that two days later. If you have ever put up a decal, you may know what I mean. This thing is pure evil.

I have not pre-registered at the hospital. Perhaps there was a typo on the paperwork and they meant “37” weeks rather than “27” weeks.

I have not written thank-you notes. People will think I am un-grateful. This is not good.

I have not had Craig assemble the pack and play, the swing, the bouncers.

We have not installed the car seat.

We have not made a decision on a replacement car for the two-door Sunfire. (I am not concerned yet because I drive the Mazda.)

I have not brushed up on any infant care literature. Though I don’t think I read anything last time either.

I have not frozen any meals, other than one single container of black bean soup.

I have not purchased a baby book for baby girl.

I have not finished the quilt. I haven’t even looked at it in weeks.

Anything that I am overlooking that I should add to the list of tasks waiting on my burst of nesting energy??

Physically, I am feeling pretty darn okay. At least for someone in their ninth month of pregnancy, I feel about as good as one could hope to feel.

Four to five more weeks, time to get down to business!


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  1. Ha! You'll go next week with all that to do.Your body will birth quicker this time. Devan paved the way 🙂 Freddie was out in 2 pushes and he was a 9 pounder.

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