"You asked for it…"


We do spank Devan, but we don’t spank him very often. Maybe once every couple of months. Though I will openly confess that I probably use it as a threat more than I should when he is really driving me crazy.

So this morning Devan threw a monster fit when Craig had the audacity to take a shower. Yep, that sparked the whole thing. From happy kid to screaming hitting mess is about 20 seconds because Craig did what he does every single morning and took a shower. After Devan broke into the bathroom screaming at the top of his lungs and pounding on the shower door I picked him up and carried him to his room for time out.

The screaming continued only he added kicking my belly and hitting to his meltdown. I told him, “You are going to get spanked if you kick Mom again.” He kicked me again, though I caught his foot. So I told him, “I really don’t want to spank you, I want you to stop yelling so we can talk, do you want spanked, Devan?” To which he yelled “Yes!” “Devan, I just asked if you wanted me to spank you.” “YES!!!!!”, he screamed.

Okay then.

So, immediately afterwards he wanted a huge hug and calmed right down. He listened while I gave him my little lecture and then acted like nothing had happened.

I don’t get it, I really don’t. It almost seems as if Devan needed to just burn off some tantrum energy this morning and so he arbitrarily choose Craig stepping into the shower as the motivating incident and then let it all loose.

Let’s hope he feels a lot better because I sure don’t.


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