37 Weeks


Its been an awesome weekend (a four day weekend for me!) and I am exhausted. If all goes according to plan, I have only 3 weeks of pregnancy left, and 3 DAYS of work left. Yay!!

I mentioned I am not going to fight the induction this time around, and in my mind I have already accepted that is how this pregnancy will end. Only this time I am going to agree to it a heck of a lot earlier. Waiting around the two extra weeks last time ended with the same result of an induction but the addition of: extra tests and appointments, extreme swelling, a really itchy rash, insomnia, a big baby, 3 HOURS OF PUSHING, a narrow miss of a c-section, and a very “difficult” delivery, i.e. PAINFUL, i.e. couldn’t sit for weeks. So as long as I don’t have to live through a repeat of that, I suppose I am cool with giving baby girl a nudge out if she hasn’t found her own way by 40 weeks.

We have also accomplished some of the things I was freaking out about last week- the hospital bags are packed, the quilt is ready to be bound, we have finished up a couple more nursery projects, and we have a few weeks worth of food in the freezer. Craig has also installed the car seat in the Mazda AND a ceiling fan in Devan’s room so really, nothing is holding us back now.
We still need to register at the hospital, but we are at least scheduled to go do that next Sunday. No rush.

I am feeling okay. Lots of cramps and contractions that are doing absolutely nothing besides making me uncomfortable. I’ve had some days of pretty horrid swelling and decreased movement so I had a stress test last week. My doctor would like for me to consider going twice a week so I am considering it. Not too seriously at this point, but if either problem worsens I will gladly do what I need to in order that baby girl will arrive here safely.

I will say that it is finally starting to seem real to me, that this is actually going to happen. That we are going to have a newborn to snuggle with and Devan will finally get to be a big brother (he is getting anxious too!!) and our little family of three will be a family of four. Dare I say it? Any day now!


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