Yesterday Devan and I enjoyed a laid-back, if not terribly exciting morning. We played in his room, we went to the doctor, we went to Target and bought toddler underwear- just a very routine day that didn’t feel any different than most other days.

But in the afternoon Craig joined us and we headed back to the office for a Baby Sprinkle! I turned down all shower offers this time around as we were fairly well stocked with gender neutral baby items from Devan and we’ve bought much of what we have needed at consignment sales. But the girls at work insisted, and I have to say- who doesn’t love a party? So we decided upon a Sprinkle with minimal gifts, a donation to my favorite charity, and a yummy ice cream sundae bar on the roof garden. Thankfully, the party was relocated due to the heat- I don’t think the young kiddos or my big self could have lasted long on the roof!

We all had so much fun and it was great to celebrate the impending arrival of our little girl. They went out of their way to make it special for us…check out these super cute bouquets of baby girl accessories!!

I’ve mentioned before that I love my job but I also love that the work environment it is so family friendly. There are LOADS of kids under five in the office and more on the way! It is such a supportive and flexible environment- every working mom’s dream. I remind myself frequently how lucky I am to be able to have a career that I love and time for my family too. Things are going pretty great for us all right now and I’m not about to take it for granted. Life is GOOD!


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