38 Weeks


First off, this:
I know what you are thinking: you did NOT wear that in public.

Oh yes, I did. And with the neon green swim bikini shorts as well. To the public pool. And believe me, I look way smaller in the picture than in real life, just ask Craig. The swimsuit was so tight I had to keep tugging at it to keep even the upper half of my belly covered, the bottom half was a lost cause. You would not believe the stares I got as I waddled around the pool, but I can’t blame anyone because I stare at pregnant women too! I won this little number on e-bay when I was pregnant with Devan, and I got it for less than $5 due to the hideous color, which again, is much worse in person. I have never had cause to wear it until now but it seemed unfair to deprive Devan the pleasures of the swimming pool when he has been talking about going since early March. They had so much fun it was totally worth it, we may even go again this next week just to kill some time as we wait for baby girl to arrive.

Oh yes, waiting on baby. That is the theme here. Nothing going on worth reporting.

I am craving LEMONS of all things. Lemonade, lemon sorbet, lemon popsicles, lemon tea, lemon shaved ice. It’s weird, because I usually do not care for lemon. This is really the first strong craving of my entire pregnancy, and I am happy to oblige. After returning from the pool I nearly polished off an entire carton of Haagen Dazs lemon sorbet. Heaven! I’ve been eating like crazy and I’m pretty sure my dreams of a cute little 6 pound baby are out the window again. Chunky babies are cuter anyways, right? So, I guess I will keep on keeping on.

Tomorrow, I show you the nursery! I probably should stop talking about it quite so much because it is totally going to be a case of inflated expectations and then you will wonder why I talked it up so much.


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