The Big Nursery Reveal!!!

It’s a long post, but I have a lot to show you! First off, the BEFORE:

Not bad, but I was tired of the “Carrot Patch” theme. We kept the crib, the dressers, and the shelf on the far wall but started fresh with everything else.


We love it! Lots of love and work went in to this room and there is still some more work to be done. I have a few more pillows and stuffed animals to finish up with fabric I have left from the quilt and we are waiting on maternity (and newborn!) pictures to add to the walls and shelves. I also have a family tree project to finish but we haven’t quite dug up all of the photos yet. But, more important is what we DO have done!

We painted the walls a creamy yellow, Eric installed white crown molding for us, Dad and Craig switched out the black ceiling fan for a white one, and Erica and Craig helped me install the evil decal below. This thing was more of a pain than you could possibly imagine, but in the end if you take pictures from across the room it looks great! You can also see our fake sheepskin rug in this picture as well, it is SOOOOO soft and probably won’t stay white for very long (will I NEVER learn??). I added a striped crib ruffle to coordinate with the quilt, but the bedding isn’t anything too exciting.

This next project is a total copy of an idea I saw on Oh Dee Doh, a site that every parent decorating a nursery has probably spent insane amounts of time browsing! I loved the idea because it would help show off the Nicey Jane fabric that I am so in love with and was quick and easy as well! I am debating adding more because I didn’t use all of the prints, but I don’t want to over-do it either. Opinions?

This shelf is the same as in Devan’s old nursery, only now Craig reinstalled it so it is no longer in danger of falling off the wall. The cup and baby shoes are from when I was a baby, I tried to add lots of family touches to the room wherever possible. And of course, a picture of big brother Devan when he was a week old!

Next is the dresser. Both dressers are furniture from my childhood, I think I picked them out in sixth grade! I went through a phase of hating them but now I love the honey colored wood, even though I know it isn’t in style anymore. There is room for lots of pictures of baby girl here and hopefully I will replace some of the stuffed animals with ones I have sewn, all depending on how long until she arrives..

I found a cute wooden bin at Old Time Pottery to hold all of those little baby toys that we seem to be tripping over all of the time. We will see if it actually helps us keep track of toys and binkies!

And finally, did you notice this? Quite a hint huh? I guess we can’t change our minds now! I used more Nicey Jane fabric for the monogram along with a frame we found at a thrift store. The flower buttons are from the hundreds I have from my Grandmother Jackson. I know it is something tiny, but I love that it will remind me of her when I look at them!

So that’s it, a baby girl nursery with no pink! (Unless you take a peek in the closet, where you would definitely be able to tell that we are having a girl!)


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  1. that quilt is fabulous! You are amazing. When we start having kids I will order one from you and everyone will ask where I got that amazing quilt and I will say 'my amazing cousin' and they will be so sad that they too do not have an amazing cousin. The nursery looks great! Nice work. Why was the decal so rough? (just curious)

  2. wow! you guys did a fantastic job. I love all the personal touches, they really make the room. As for the fabric circles. I love them but wouldn't over do it…so maybe just a few more if any.

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