38th week blahs


First off, I’m still here.

Second of all, I feel like crap. Various pieces and parts of me are starting to give out and I am fairly certain I am getting sick. I started feeling horrible in the middle of the night and it just got progressively worse until Craig came home from work to take care of Devan while I crashed. I’m taking a quick lunch break before I sneak in a second nap while Devan is sleeping. I am SO glad I am not working right now, but I also hope this is not how I will be feeling the next 2 weeks. My dreams of taking Devan to the park, and the pool, and the berry patch, and the farmstead, and the children’s museum are quickly fading to a reality of movies from the library while Mom passes out on the couch.

Third of all, I am glad you all like the nursery. I think it is going to sit at 90% done for awhile now until I get another burst of nesting energy, which would probably be better used by un-burying our house rather the sewing a zippered back for the quilted floor pillow I made.

Lastly, someone should really let baby girl know she doesn’t necessarily have to hang out until the induction, that it would be perfectly fine to come out on her own any time now. Like, right now.

See you all tomorrow.


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