Pregnant Thoughts and Words, aka Why I am Difficult to be Around


1. If you do call, I don’t feel like talking.
2. If you don’t call, you must not care about me.
3. Stop asking about the pregnancy already, I’m sick of talking about it.
4. Why haven’t you asked how I am feeling, don’t you care?
5. I know I said I wanted ginger ale, but that is not the right kind.
6. Why do we have no chocolate in this house?
7. This house is a disaster, no wonder I can’t go into labor. We need to clean this crap up.
8. Why are you so concerned by what the house looks like? Who cares? We are about to have a baby.
9. We are never going to have a baby.
10. I hate induction. It sucks. I don’t want to be induced again. My body sucks. This sucks.
11. I hate being pregnant, I can’t wait around for her to be 9 pounds and come 2 weeks late. This sucks.
12. Leave me alone!
13. Why are you ignoring me?
14. I do not have the energy to clean the kitchen, don’t ask.
15. I do have the energy to read, facebook, and buy fabric.
16. Can you please get me ice water/a snack/a heat pack/the remote/another pillow/lemon sorbet from the store at 10pm?
17. NO, not that snack/heat pack/remote/pillow/lemon sorbet…
18. I am tired of sitting around the house, we need to get out and do something. I’m going stir crazy.
19. You think I have the energy to do that? Are you kidding? I’m 38.5 weeks pregnant here!!
20. I’m just grouchy, you would be too.
21. Are you trying to say I am grouchy? Seriously? You think this is bad? Just wait until this time next week!! Seriously. Just wait. I know I am going to be.


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  1. 1) I'm glad you found me! (I'm quite the blog-stalker as well)2) Your random prego thoughts crack me up! They could totally be mine.3) LOVE the nursery – absolutely adorable!4) I've been craving lemon stuff as well this entire pregnancy. BEST Wishes to you that your little lady makes it before induction day.

  2. Okay, now that's how I remember pregnancy! We're thinking of you these days as your beautiful baby girl is almost here. I've been telling Wes that Devan is going to have a baby sister soon, but that he should not ask for one until I forget how he arrived… which at five months is all too recent!

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