Flower Power


Let’s take a break from all of the baby and pregnancy talk and look at some flower pictures! You would think it would be a nice break, but even this can seriously raise my blood pressure after messing with this post for HALF AN HOUR and the pictures of the hydrangeas were all still sideways! Craig saved the day though, and fixed the pictures. Ok now, back to the flower talk…

Remember this?

Now we have this!

I absolutely LOVE Hydrangeas and was thrilled that these finally bloomed. I bought them when we still lived in Independence so we have been waiting for three years to see them flower. Give me about three more years, and I will be ready to show you the rest of the yard! (These are ‘Dooley’ Hydrangeas, in case you are curious. They are bluer than blue and absolutely huge.)

I love the texture of the asparagus and the hydrangeas. We also have black scallop ajuga, jacob’s ladder and a sedum garden planted in this bed. It’s filled in nicely for the two years we have been here.

Our clematis bloomed this year as well but I was shocked to see that it was pink. Pretty, but I was wanting a white variety. Everything in the back yard is white or blue and purple. Except for this. But it’s pretty enough, I guess I might just let it stay.


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